Monday, June 20, 2016

The Sea and Me: A Story of Blessing in Disguise

May this year, I misread my plane schedule on my flight back home from Seoul to Jakarta. Fortunately, the real flight schedule was a day after my assumed date, and not the previous. The horror it will be to miss the plane.

I booked a room at Incheon Airport Hotel Oceanview which is about 20 minutes from Incheon Aiport. It's a a bit far, but they had shuttle service to and from the airport so it was still okay. I chose that place because not only does it have shuttle, but it was also very close to the beach. Just about 2 minutes walk.

Because my room was not ready yet, I decided to kill some time by strolling at the beach. At first, it looked so bleak. It was cold, windy, not many people around-which is actually perfect, a bit of some garbage in the corner, and many broken seashells. I decided to take a stroll at the beach and to my surprise I found sea glasses!

Sea glasses are basically glasses that are tumbled by the sand and sea water, giving it a very frosty look. I have been to many beaches in Indonesia (including ever so popular Kuta in Bali) but I have never ever seen a sea glass before. I was as ecstatic as a kid given ice cream upon this discovery. I ended up collecting as many as my hands could bring.

Last weekend I tried being productive and thus it resulted in this necklace. It is very much inspired by Halcraft's Beach Keen Necklace, but tweaked to suit my supplies.

 First sea glass spotted at a Eurwangni Beach, Incheon

Broken sea shells by the beach 

Sea Glass Necklace
 Close up

Round nose plier
Flat plier
Wire cutter

Sea glass
Plastic beads
Seed beads
Sea shell
Sea-themed charm
26g gunmetal wire
Jump rings 
Blue cord
Violet suede cord
Cord stopper
Necklace clasp